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Dining out: Belmont House of Smoke

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Team Belmont and that is definitely NOT me in the red 😉

Is this a biased review? Yes, indefinitely. Not only am I employed by the company, I dine there at least 4 days a week.  Now usually if an employee gives their place of business a good review I usually blow it off  as being beyond biased.  But in the world of Celiac and food allergies I don’t have the luxury of  such notions. Restaurants fall in two distinct categories safe or unsafe.  No matter how nice the decor, fancy the chef, beautiful the food or nice the service, there is no match for the whole live/dead issue.

Since my employment began the staff at Belmont has been diligent to ensure I can enjoy our authentic BBQ with the same gusto as everyone else. Here are a few helpful hints to dining at Belmont. (P.S. they work pretty well at most places as well;-)

Introduce yourself right up front and let your server know you have celiac. If that server is unfamiliar (very, very rare at Belmont) ask to speak to the manager. When you do order make sure to remind them to notify the kitchen that you require gluten free. When they prepare for me they usually enter a note into the computer as well as run down to the kitchen to verbally let them know.  To be honest they have only glutenized me  once and that was my own fault as I was the one who entered my own order!

Food items I eat regularly are:

Pulled Pork with Carolina Sauce (pulled chicken is safe as well)


Burnt Ends with Bourbon Sauce

Ribs Dry/Bourbon/Carolina

Beer Can Chicken (it does not have beer in or on it and its safe!)

Baked Beans

Corn on the Cob

Twice Baked Potatoes

BBQ Baked Potato with Carolina or Bourbon Sauce rather then the Sooey Sweet

Vegetable of the Day

Smokehouse Chili

Steak Bites with no char crust ( add sauteed mushrooms and demi-glace )

Longhorn Sandwich with no bread or tobacco rings.


Eggs Benedict without the muffin

While much can be changed to allow you to eat most menu items these are my tried and true favorites.

A few things I avoid:

Sooey Sweet Sauce (Modified Food Starch)

Sweet Tea (Stored in same area as flour. While it is in a separate covered container the risk of cross contamination is slightly higher then I am willing to risk trying)

Char Crust on the steak bites or Black and Blue Salad (they use house seasoning for me)

Corn bread and hush puppies contain wheat.

Anything from the fryer because of cross contamination.

As you can see there are plenty of options available. But more importantly I love the ability to know I can sit back and relax with friends and family while enjoying a meal like everyone else.

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